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Tips for Sexual Performance Anxiety

There are many possible reasons you might associate feelings of anxiety with your sexual encounters.  Sexual anxiety may be related to fears about your performance (performance anxiety), issues with your relationship, trust issues associated with negative past experiences, PTSD resulting from rape or other trauma, or a lack of honesty about your sexual desires.  All […]

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Discover Your Sexual Personality

If you have a difficult time getting aroused or you feel like your sex life is stale, it may be because you simply aren’t turned on by the activities you’re doing.  In our culture, we are taught to define sex as sexual intercourse and little else.  Think about how sex is represented in the media, […]

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Is Your Sex Life Getting Stale?

One of the biggest and most common let-downs of long-term relationships is when it feels like the passion has gone out of your sex life.  This usually happens once you get set in a sexual routine.  The longer you know your partner, the more comfortable you’d think you’d be with him or her sexually, but […]

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