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Oral Sex Could Revolutionize Your Sex Life

Is your sex life becoming a bit staid and repetitive?  Do you feel like you’ve lost that spark that your relationship had when it was new?  Do you find yourself going through the same motions every time you have sex, and since you always know what’s coming, you actually lose the anticipation?  Couples often sink […]

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How Oral Sex Can Boost Your Sex Life

For a lot of guys, oral sex isn’t the most intuitive approach to sex.  Why?  Probably because no one ever taught us how to do it.  And since men and women obviously have different parts down there, it’s not the easiest thing in the world to know what to do when you’re going down on […]

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What Premature Ejaculation Actually Looks Like

Premature ejaculation is a scary term for a lot of people.  It summons up thoughts and feelings of impotence, uselessness, inadequacy, and failure.  It might make you feel like “less of a man.”  You might associate PE with health defects as well, because you are so used to seeing advertisements online for premature ejaculation pills.  […]

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