10 Exciting Sex Positions

If you’re looking for a simple way to spice up your sex life but you don’t want to do anything which demands too much resourcefulness, one thing you can do is simply try out some different sex positions.  These are all different positions for sexual intercourse; don’t forget there are plenty of other forms of sex play including oral and anal sex which you can add to your repertoire—and plenty of foreplay which is exciting to engage in too!  Some of the sex positions below are actually sex moves between positions.  All ways to add to the fun.  This article is written from a male point of view, but obviously if you’re a lady you can learn from this as well.

great sex positions

  1. Sexy position changes.  This first one is a sex move between two standard positions.  Starting out in the missionary position, rise up on your knees so you’re upright and then lift one of your partner’s legs and turn her onto her side.  You can get your lady onto all fours at this point and then go at it doggie style with only a momentary pause in the action.
  1. Lazy sex.  Why would you want to engage in lazy sex?  A lot of couples have a hard time fitting sex into their routines, and this might make the idea more accessible when you’re sleep at night or in the morning.  While you’re spooning your lady, she can slide a leg in front of her and open her legs enough that you can slide your top leg between and penetrate her.  Lazy sex!

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  1. Sex on a countertop or table.  This one isn’t particularly unique, but a lot of couples can easily get in a staid rhythm of always having sex in bed.  Try having sex in another part of the house or a different surface.  This is a great position if you want to feel in control and enjoy deep penetration.
  1. The Mirror.  This technically covers a couple of different sex positions since you can do it sitting on a chair or on the floor.  Have your lady sit on top of your lap with her legs around you (if you’re on a chair, you should be the one sitting in the chair) and then penetrate her.  Since you’re facing each other this is a good visual pose and also allows for a lot of upper body contact and kissing.
  1. Woman on top, but with a twist.  Have your lady climb on top of you while you’re on your back.  She should face away from you and squat over your lap while you penetrate her.  She’ll have complete control, but you’ll be able to reach her G-spot more easily in this position than you could in most woman-on-top positions.
  1. Sex in the pool!  (Preferably not in public, of course.)  Why have sex in the pool?  While underwater sex is generally not as pleasant as it sounds, if you have a pool float your lady can lie down on, you can stand up and thrust into her.  This is an alternative to using a table or countertop which allows you more control since you can change the angle of your lady’s legs.
  1. Have your lady cross her legs while you’re in missionary position.  This allows her to grip your member tightly, resulting in extra pleasure for both of you.  Simple changes to common positions can result in different sensations without demanding much in terms of creativity.
  1. Missionary with a twist, just like number 5 but with you on top.  Climb on top of your lady but face away from her when you penetrate her.  This gives her access to your hindquarters and allows for anal play while you’re having intercourse.
  1. Sex on the wash machine (or on a boat, though not as many couples have access to a boat).  Your lady should sit on top of the wash machine and then you can penetrate her like you would if you were having sex on a counter or table.  Turn on the wash machine to get some extra sensation.  Sex on a boat is similar; the rocking of the boat as you have sex can accentuate sensations.
  1. Couch sex.  Sit on the couch and have your lady sit on top of you facing you.  Then she leans backward over your thighs, and presses her hands on the ground so her head is tipped way back.  She can support herself further with her knees on either side of you.  Your lady controls the action and you get an amazing view.

Approaching Your Partner About New Sex Positions

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If you and your partner have a tedious routine and you’re not used to trying new things, you might be uncertain how to approach new sex positions.  Keep in mind though that changing your sex positions is one of the more conservative ways to enhance your sex life and should thus be pretty easy to bring across.  You may not even need to say anything—just try getting into different positions than usual and see what happens.  Sometimes spontaneity is the easiest way to make a change.

As a general tip, don’t try to do anything that places too many demands on your partner physically when you’re just starting out.  She may become more adventurous once she starts enjoying new positions.  So if you’re going to do anything physically demanding, be the gentleman and take on the challenges yourself when you’re starting out.

Some positions are more difficult than others; number 10 above for example may not be ideal if your partner has back problems.  Likewise, there are positions you shouldn’t try if you have injuries or weak areas.  Something which would be easy when you were 20 might be a bad idea when you’re 40.  Most of these positions are very easy however and are ideal for anyone, so give them a try and have fun.  Then check out our section on sex positions to learn more about each of these positions and others we suggest!

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