Exercises to Last Longer in Bed

Premature ejaculation can be a difficult issue to grapple with, however you define it.  There is no set-in-stone definition for PE.  Most commonly, premature ejaculation is defined as reaching orgasm and ejaculating within two minutes of penetration within more than half of sexual encounters.  The thing is, that actually accounts for about three quarters of all men, according to a study in the 1940s by Alfred Kinsey.  Scientists theorize the basis is evolutionary and that it’s actually completely normal.  How men decide whether they prematurely ejaculate varies widely, however, and is highly subjective, leading to the broader definition of PE.  Any man who ejaculates sooner than he or his partner would like may choose to consider himself a premature ejaculator.  There are men who last longer than two minutes and consider themselves to be premature, while other men who last less than two minutes consider themselves to be completely normal.

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Ultimately what it all comes down to is whether you want to last longer in bed.  Since most men only last a short time, and since there is rarely any physiological basis for premature ejaculation, it’s entirely up to you how you want to define yourself.  This can be a great weight off for many men, since there are often feelings of impotence and unworthiness which go along with defining oneself as having a problem.  Instead of thinking of it as a problem, just think of it as the natural state where most men begin.  If you’re good at other physical activities, you already know that they take practice.  If you play a sport, you don’t start out being great at it.  You start out being pretty bad at it.  Then you practice to improve.  If you start running races, you won’t be able to run a marathon until you build up stamina.  It’s not that anything is wrong with you when you’re starting out—you just haven’t trained up.

Exercises to Try

Last Longer Exercise With Start StopMost men are able to improve their sexual stamina using last longer in bed exercises.  These exercises have a proven track record and are often recommended by physicians to patients with PE challenges.  The most widely recommended exercises for lasting longer in bed are Kegel exercises.  With Kegel exercises, you work out your pelvic floor muscles.  You can learn how to do Kegel exercises the next time you go the bathroom.  While urinating, try to stop the stream of your urine in mid-flow.  Once you’ve achieved this, remember the muscle you contracted to do it.  You can practise while using the bathroom a couple more times to get the hang of it, but after that you should practice while you’re not urinating so that you don’t have urinary retention.  You’ll notice that this is an internal, indictable exercise you can literally perform in any setting without people observing what you’re doing.

How do these exercises help you out during sex?  The exercises work out the same muscles which contract while you’re having an orgasm.  Since you’re working them out, you’re learning how to consciously control them, something which will come in useful when you’re trying to hold back from having an orgasm.  There are some added benefits to doing Kegel exercises, too.  Many men report having more intense orgasms since Kegel exercises strengthen the muscles which contract, leading to more powerful contractions.  Kegel exercise also help to create more awareness of your genitals, which can lead to more awareness of pleasurable sensations.

You can also think of masturbation as exercise, since it does require some physical effort!  Masturbation also can help you to last longer in bed in several ways.  For one, you can directly work on lasting longer by experimenting on your own without any pressure at all.  You won’t feel like you need to measure up, but you can challenge yourself to go for longer and longer time periods before you reach your orgasm.  You can learn how to reduce direct stimulation as you get close and hold off while still keeping your arousal level relatively high, and you can learn how to enjoy a lengthier experience.  Just because it’s not what you’re used to doesn’t mean you won’t like it—you may have more fun this way than you do when it’s all over in five minutes.

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You can also try to change how you think about sex while you’re masturbating.  You probably think about having an orgasm when you masturbate, right?  Since you’re used to brief sexual encounters, your mind goes straight to the finish line and brings your body right along with it.  Try fantasizing about lengthier, more complex sexual encounters and keep your mind off having an orgasm.  Let the orgasm come to you naturally as a direct result of your arousal—instead of forcing it to come about because that’s your goal and all of your attention is focused on it.  If you can manage to do this while you’re by yourself, you can start to replicate that with your actual sex encounters.  Focus on sex as a broader activity, and let your orgasm be the result of your arousal—instead of just using foreplay (if you currently bother with it at all) as a means to an end.

Many men wish they lasted longer in bed, whether for their own sakes or for their partners’ sakes.  Regardless of where your starting point is, you can probably learn to last longer in bed just by doing Kegel exercises and working on your stamina while masturbating.  Changing your point of view regarding sex can also be a big step in the right direction.  You should probably start by changing your perspective on premature ejaculation, however.  There is rarely a physiological root, and most men could be considered to be premature ejaculators.  It’s nothing more than a starting point on your sexual journey.  Once you get past it and work on developing yourself sexually, you’ll be on your way to a more satisfying sex life which is fulfilling for you and your partner.

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