5 Facts You Must Know About Premature Ejaculation Before It’s Too Late

If you suffer from premature ejaculation, then there are some things you already know about it—namely that it’s an inconvenience at best, a crippling one at worst.  It can wreak havoc on your sex life, your relationships, and ultimately your self-confidence and self-esteem.  And the longer it goes on, the worse it can seem to get.  While you’re surfing the internet, you’ve doubtless seen dozens of ads marketing medications which will supposedly cure your premature ejaculation.  But before you get your credit card out and purchase one of these medications in a moment of desperation, here are 5 facts you should know about premature ejaculation.

Facts About Premature Ejaculation

1.   Premature ejaculation isn’t a physiological condition.

Just seeing all those medications for premature ejaculation can convince you that PE is a medical problem, resulting from some kind of physiological abnormality.  This is hardly ever the case, though.  For most men, premature ejaculation comes down to two factors:  psychology and genetics.

It is extremely uncommon to discover an underlying medical condition, so why would you need a medical treatment for it?  The only reason you see all these products marketed by pharmaceutical companies is that pharmaceutical companies want to make money, and they know that premature ejaculation is a reliable industry.  Why is it so reliable?  See the next point below.

2.  Premature ejaculation is so common that almost every man has it.

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You’re not the only man in the world suffering from PE, even though you may feel like it at times.  You can’t expect every guy you know to openly admit to having premature ejaculation, but it doesn’t mean they don’t!  In a famous survey conducted by sex researcher Alfred Kinsey, around three quarters of all men who responded said that they reached their climax and ejaculated within two minutes or less of initiating intercourse.  Two minutes or less—that’s pretty fast!  And you can bet the remaining quarter of respondents didn’t last for twenty or thirty minutes.  Most of them didn’t last very long either.

So why are there so many drugs marketed toward men with premature ejaculation?  Because it is a huge market.  With so many men out there who are desperate to last longer in bed, there is tons of opportunity to rake in the cash.  And part of what makes that easy is taking advantage of how misinformed the majority of men are about their situations.

3.  Premature ejaculation probably has a genetic component.

The fact that three quarters of all men have premature ejaculation should tell you something about its origin.  Three quarters of all women certainly don’t ejaculate that fast.  Most take around twenty minutes to reach their climax.  Premature ejaculation effects men of all different ages and from diverse backgrounds.  So there is almost certainly a strong genetic component.  It’s an inherited trait.

Scientists even have some theories about how this came to be.  Our ancestors lived in situations where it was often necessary to pass on genetic material quickly.  Those who were able to pass their genes on in the least amount of time (by ejaculating into a woman) passed on the genes which have become so pervasive in our world today—including that ability to ejaculate fast.  Of course, that “ability” is inconvenient for most people nowadays.  But thankfully it’s not something that’s generally hardwired.

4.  Premature ejaculation is learned.

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Premature ejaculation isn’t 100% inherited.  It’s also a learned trait which is socially ingrained in men in various ways.  One common scenario isn’t so different from the one faced by your ancestors, except that your situation probably wasn’t so dire.  Maybe when you were a teenager, you had a number of illicit sexual encounters, and you had to cum in a hurry in order to avoid being caught by your parents.  That might seem like a harmless thing when you’re young, but many men never unlearn the behavior they taught themselves to slip under the radar.  So even when they are older and in control of their own lives, they may feel like they are in a rush, and that learned anxiety will cause them to ejaculate quickly.

There are other ways in which men learn premature ejaculation as well.  Men in our society are generally taught to see sex as a means to an end, the end being an orgasm.  Anytime you approach sex with the finish line already in sight in your mind, you’re going to race to that finish line.  Your mind is telling your body to hurry up and get there, instead of slowing down to enjoy the ride along the way.  If you can unlearn some of those cognitive habits, you can teach your body to slow down and enjoy sex.

5.  Premature ejaculation can go away naturally.

And that brings us to the most important thing you can learn about premature ejaculation before it’s too late and you spend all your money on premature ejaculation medications!  Premature ejaculation can go away, and it can do so using natural, healthy methods.  PE medications are not only expensive, but many of them also have really unpleasant side effects.  And a drug takes control away from you instead of restoring your control and confidence.

Natural methods however can help you to cure premature ejaculation on your own.  Some of these methods include Kegel exercises for your pelvic floor muscles, medication, cognitive therapy, and spicing up your sex life with foreplay and different sexual positions which can also help you to last longer.  Premature ejaculation may seem like a devastating condition, but now that you know how widespread it is and that it can be cured with effort, you should feel greatly encouraged and ready to take the next steps.  And those steps don’t have to include wasting money on expensive and ultimately unhelpful medications.  You can started with some of the natural techniques listed above right now, without spending a dime.  And you’ll be well on your way to curing your premature ejaculation.

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