How Oral Sex Can Boost Your Sex Life

For a lot of guys, oral sex isn’t the most intuitive approach to sex.  Why?  Probably because no one ever taught us how to do it.  And since men and women obviously have different parts down there, it’s not the easiest thing in the world to know what to do when you’re going down on a woman.  And as you may have already found out firsthand, a lot of women aren’t entirely sure what they should be doing when they give a man a blow job either.  The discomfort of trying to figure out how to deliver mind-blowing oral sex when you aren’t even sure where to begin can make it difficult to get started.  For this reason, some men avoid oral sex altogether.

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There’s no shame in not knowing what you’re doing, however; it’s completely normal.  After all, how can you be expected to know what feels good to a woman?  You don’t have the same sex organs.  And if you’re with a partner who gets impatient and thinks you should automatically know how to give great cunnilingus, then you probably aren’t with the right person.  Odds are though, if you’re with a great woman and she enjoys oral sex, she will be plenty patient with you and appreciate it if you take the time to learn how to give great oral.  What’s the incentive though?  Here are some ways that oral sex can boost your sex life!

1.  You get what you give.

If you’re willing to go down on your partner, there is a good chance she’ll be more interested in repaying the favor!  If you wish you were getting more blow jobs, then taking the initiative and going down on your partner may result in her wanting to be just as generous with you.  A lot of guys complain they don’t get as much oral sex as they want in their lives.  The more you give, the more you receive!

2.  Fix timing issues and avoid premature ejaculation.

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A lot of guys have problems with premature ejaculation.  If you are used to reaching your climax much faster than your partner, and if it is ruining your experience of sex, then there are a lot of different things you can try to get around the problem.  But did you know oral sex is one of those things?  There are two ways that oral sex can help you last longer.

Firstly, you can go down on your partner.  Woman on average take substantially longer then men to reach the level of arousal where they are able to have an orgasm—and most women can’t have “vaginal orgasms” to begin with.  So by going down on your partner, you accomplish two things.  Firstly, you are able to stimulate her without over stimulating yourself, which makes it more likely you can reach your climax together.  Secondly, you can stimulate her clitoris, which is more likely to lead to an orgasm in the majority of women.

The second way oral sex can help you last longer involves you getting a blow job.  A lot of guys last longer on the second round of sex, so you might try having your partner give you a blow job before you have intercourse.  Take a break in between, and you may well find that you can last longer when you get back to business.

3.  Explore new sensations and have new experiences.

A common complaint among couples is that sex gets staid and tedious after enough time goes by.  There is a tendency to attribute this to knowing your partner too well or having just done it so many times that you know everything that’s going to happen.  But more often, it’s the result of having given up on looking for novelty and exploring your sexuality together as an ongoing journey.  You are in control of your lives together, and there’s nothing standing in your way but yourselves.

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Despite the fact that we’re all human, and in many ways sexuality is fairly simplistic, there are endless nuances of desire and sensation between different men and women.  Sexuality can be highly individualized.  Exploring your sexuality with your partner can be exciting for the rest of your lives if you keep things fresh by trying new things and not getting into a routine.  There’s nothing wrong with repetition—as long as it doesn’t become something you do by rote instead of because you enjoy it.

If oral sex isn’t currently a part of your sex life and your sex is becoming a bit stale, why not change things up a bit and try something you haven’t before?  It’s a big menu, and ordering the same thing over and over again isn’t necessary when there’s so much to try.  Try eating out this time and you may enjoy yourself more than you have in years.

How to Give Great Oral Sex

Starting to feel more interested in oral sex, but still not sure how to proceed?  There really are no tried and true secrets to giving great oral sex since no two men or women are the same.  In fact, you could be great at giving oral to one woman and not be too sure what to do when you go down on the next.  That’s why it’s a great idea to get used to talking openly about sex with your partner.  It might seem awkward at first, but you will get used to it, and no one is better qualified to teach you to give great oral sex than your partner

Oral sex is a bit of an “acquired taste” for many couples, and this is due to the fact that it usually takes some practice to get it down.  But it can be well worth taking the effort and time to do so.  So if it isn’t that amazing the first time, don’t get discouraged.  It’s pretty common to take a few tries before oral sex becomes really enjoyable.  Have fun and try not to get too anxious about your performance, and enjoy spicing up your sex life!

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