How to Give Deep Spot Orgasm

The deep spot is a bit like the G-Spot, but shouldn’t be confused with the G-Spot.  It’s a less reported phenomenon, but it does have a technical name—the anterior fornix erogenous zone.  It’s also sometimes abbreviated as the AFE zone, AFE or A-Spot.  Other names include Epicenter or Second G-Spot.  This area is reported to lead to intense orgasms in some women, like the G-Spot, but as with the G-Spot, there is some disagreement as to whether it exists as a distinct structure, and many women will never find it.

anterior fornix erogenous zone

What is the Deep Spot?

The concept of the deep spot was first presented by a Malaysian scientist named Dr. Chua Chee Ann.  He reported that stimulation of this area could result in rapid lubrication, which was helpful to women who experienced vaginal dryness.  Women also reported that the area resulted in rapid arousal as well.  Dr. Chua Chee Ann also claimed that if this area were regularly stimulated (as a sexual exercise) each day, it would improve sexual performance by making it easier to achieve lubrication and orgasms.  The idea behind these exercises is somewhat similar in that sense to Kegel exercises, though Kegel exercises have a simpler more sound scientific explanation and involve muscle contractions, not stimulation.

A popular “sex expert” named David Shade has also discussed the idea of the deep spot and popularized the concept in recent years.  The location he describes as the “deep spot” is in roughly the same area as the AFE zone, which was described by Dr. Chua Chee Ann.  There is some confusion about whether the areas these two men have described are the same area or not, though the general consensus is that there are two areas near the cervix which can produce lubrication and arousal.  One is a small pocket in front of the cervix, while the other is located on the posterior vaginal wall behind the cervix.  Shade has also referred to “the cavity of the cervix,” but he presumably does not actually mean this, as the cervix is generally a structure you want to avoid during sex (hitting the cervix can cause pain).  He probably is referring to that area on the posterior wall behind the cervix.

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As with the G-Spot (perhaps even more so, given that there is confusion over how many areas are even being defined here), there is no concrete proof that there is any sort of specific structure involved here—more a nexus of nerves and structures which may or may not generate lubrication and arousal.  Every woman is different, so neither you nor your partner should take yourselves to task if you can’t find the deep spot or attain a deep spot orgasm.  Besides, about three quarters of women can’t have orgasms from vaginal stimulation.  So there’s nothing “wrong” with not finding the deep spot; it really just means your partner is an average woman, nothing abnormal about that.

Finding the Deep Spot

Before you start looking for the deep spot, note that its location next to the cervix should cause you to be careful while you’re searching for it.  Direct contact with the cervix is very painful for a large percentage of women (for a smaller percentage, it’s actually pleasurable, and for some women, it’s irrelevant either way).  A surprising number of men are unaware of this issue with the cervix.  So you will want to make sure that you don’t hurt your partner.  Pay close attention to her cues and if she tells you that you’re hurting her, stop what you’re doing and next time, steer clear of the cervix.

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If you’re looking for the deep spot during intercourse, you’ll probably want to choose a sexual position that allows you to penetrate more deeply.  There are dozens of positions designed specifically for deep penetration.  As a general rule, any position where the hips of your partner are raised can make it easier to achieve deep penetration.  Many rear-entry positions also can facilitate deep penetration.  Any position that involves a really unusual angle of approach and makes penetration difficult to begin with isn’t going to let you penetrate deeply enough to stimulate the deep spot.

You may find it easier to reach the deep spot by using your fingers first instead—using your hands allows you to be a lot more precise, both in terms of finding the right area and stimulating it using the proper technique (which is generally described as a sort of “scooping” motion).  Your partner may also have an easier time finding the deep spot on her own while masturbating since even if she’s never discovered the deep spot before, she still knows her body better than you do.  She’s also less likely to hurt herself by hitting her cervix in a painful way while she’s looking for the deep spot.

Some partners will have no problem finding the deep spot and stimulating it correctly over and over to produce orgasms, while for others it may be more of a hit-or-miss thing.  Still others will never find the deep spot.  There’s nothing wrong with that, either.  Also consider that even if you do find it, it may not produce an orgasm on its own.  You may need to combine stimulation of the deep spot with stimulation of the clitoris to produce a deep spot orgasm.

This is also the case with G-Spot stimulation; even among women who can find their G-Spots and experience a G-Spot orgasm, clitoral stimulation is often necessary.  In fact, you may have an easier time finding the deep spot if you try to combine your search with clitoral stimulation.  Try out different sexual positions and try searching manually; toys may also help you to find the deep spot.  And if you don’t find it, try not to get too down about it—the deep spot is still very much a contested rumor and not necessarily a distinct structure, and there’s nothing dysfunctional about not being able to give a deep spot orgasm.

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