How to Give G-Spot Orgasm

The G-Spot is an erogenous zone inside the vagina which some women claim can result in intense orgasms and may even cause female ejaculation.  Despite these claims, some women don’t seem to have a G-Spot—or haven’t found theirs yet, and this has led men and women alike to wonder how exactly to find the G-Spot or give a G-Spot orgasm.  Before you can give a G-Spot orgasm, however, it’s a good idea to take a closer look at the concept of the G-Spot.  The fact is that not all women are going to have G-Spot orgasms.  Let’s talk about why, and then we’ll give you some suggestions for finding the G-Spot and giving your partner a G-Spot orgasm.

location of g-spot

What is the G-Spot?

The G-Spot is defined as more of a “zone” than an actual “spot,” and is usually described as being located 1-3 inches up inside the vagina on the anterior wall (when your partner is lying down, this is the part of the vaginal wall which is on top; it’s located adjacent to the front of the body).  This is only the most general description of its location, however, which can vary a great deal, usually within that range, but sometimes outside of it.

The G-Spot was originally postulated by a Dutch physician named Regnier de Graaf in the 17th century.  He connected the idea of the G-Spot with the male prostate.  Later, a German gynecologist named Ernst Gräfenberg claimed to have discovered the G-Spot as well.  The “G” in the term G-Spot refers to his name.  In the 1980s the concept of the G-Spot became widespread, though sexologists have debated its existence as an actual structure ever since, and no real conclusion has ever been reached.  Researchers have postulated that the G-Spot may be an internal extension of the clitoris, but not all the evidence lines up for that hypothesis.  It’s sometimes described as a “convergence” of nerves and structures, and not as an actual structure (like the prostate gland).

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What’s important for you and your partner to understand from all this?  Surveys have discovered that most women believe in the existence of a G-Spot, but that numerous women are unable to find a G-Spot.  Indeed, something like three quarters of all women don’t experience orgasms from vaginal stimulation.  It’s common for women to worry that they have some kind of abnormality or sexual dysfunction if they can’t find the G-Spot or experience vaginal orgasms, but this isn’t the case at all, since it simply places them in the majority.  So if you can find the G-Spot and give your partner a G-Spot orgasm, that’s great.  But if you can’t, neither of you should deride yourselves or each other.  There is nothing abnormal about not being able to find the G-Spot, and nothing wrong with not experiencing vaginal orgasms.

Finding the G-Spot

The G-Spot is usually reported to be 1-3 inches inside the vagina on the front wall, but you may need to search outside this area.  For some women the area may be slightly deeper than this.  You also should note that it may not be directly in front.  It could be slightly to one side or the other.  This is all assuming that you are able to find it at all—not all women report that they are able to find the G-Spot.  Finding it may also be a matter of stimulating it correctly, and this may also vary between women.  Even if you’re stimulating the right place, you might not even realize it if you’re doing so the “wrong” way.

How will you know when you’ve found the G-Spot?  Your partner may report heightened arousal or sensation while being stimulated, and may also ejaculate.  Even if you and your partner can find the G-Spot, you may still need to stimulate your partner’s clitoris in order for her to have an orgasm, even if the G-Spot is involved.  Even women who can find their G-Spots often can’t have an orgasm from vaginal stimulation alone, though stimulating the G-Spot may make orgasms more intense, or simply vary the sensation.


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What type of stimulation is best for G-Spot orgasms?  Even if you can find a good angle for penetration during intercourse which allows you to thrust against the G-Spot, the best stimulation is usually constant, firm pressure (but once again, variations are possible).  It can be challenging or impossible to stimulate the G-Spot in many sexual positions (including the missionary position), so you may want to try looking up sexual positions which allow you to get a better angle of approach.

You also may have better luck if you try using your hands or a toy to stimulate the G-Spot since both these methods can provide you with greater precision and control.  If you use your hands, you can search more methodically for the G-Spot and also provide firmer, more constant pressure to the area.  This may result in greater success than intercourse.  Once you’ve found the G-Spot manually or with a toy, you’ll have an easier time stimulating the area during intercourse.

There have been a number of toys designed to stimulate the G-Spot.  Usually they have “G-Spot” somewhere in their names.  G-Spot vibrators are shaped with curved tips; aside from their shape they are usually similar to other vibrators (they can be made of the same materials).  Many women have better luck locating the G-Spot when they use vibrators designed for the purpose; but since the structure of the vagina can differ so much, the exact depth of penetration that is needed may also vary, so some experimentation is usually needed.  Your partner may have a better chance of finding her G-Spot on her own, and then teaching you where it is.  Once you’ve found it (if you find it), you can try different techniques for stimulation and try combining G-Spot stimulation with stimulation of other areas (the clitoris for example).  Different sexual positions may also help you to achieve G-Spot orgasms.

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