How To Last Longer While Getting Head

When you’re looking for advice relating to premature ejaculation, chances are you’ll find a lot of articles about delaying orgasm during sexual intercourse, but not as many for delaying orgasm while you’re getting head.  Indeed, oral sex and other forms of sex play are often recommended to keep men from ejaculating early during intercourse.  That doesn’t mean that you can’t have premature ejaculation during oral sex however.


While PE is usually defined with reference to intercourse, it follows that if you ejaculate earlier than you or your partner would like during any sexual activity, you could consider it a form of premature ejaculation.  If you want the experience to last longer, then you need some tips and tricks that you can use to delay orgasm while your partner’s going down on you.  Fortunately there are a lot of easy ways to prolong your experience and have fun at the same time.

Techniques to Try

Some tips and tricks that apply to intercourse also apply to getting head.  Direct stimulation is likely to make you cum, but a break may help you to delay orgasm.  The stop-and-start technique which is advised for men having intercourse can also work for men who are getting head.  Ask your partner to take breaks when you feel you’re getting close.  You can do other things during the breaks, like work on pleasuring your partner for a while, and then have her come back to giving you head.  If you’re not used to the stop-and-start technique, that’s something you can practice while masturbating.  Learn to recognize when you’re getting close to ejaculating, and then practice taking breaks to prolong your masturbation.  As you get used to doing this on your own you’ll have an easier time knowing when to ask your partner to stop what she’s doing during oral sex or other sex activities.

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You can also ask your partner to explore other areas around your penis instead of just doing the same repetitious movements; if your partner licks your sensitive inner thighs, your testicles or other areas, you can experience other pleasurable sensations which offer a distinctly different experience.  This is another way of taking a break from direct stimulation without disrupting the experience.  All that teasing and suspense is likely to lead you to a more explosive orgasm when you do finally ejaculate as well, which is another benefit.

Hands-off is another good idea if you find yourself ejaculating too quickly during oral sex.  The more stimulation you’re getting, the more quickly you’re likely to reach orgasm.  So if your partner is stimulating your penis with her hands as well as her mouth, you may cum more quickly.  Ask her to use her hands to touch other parts of your body and just use her mouth during fellatio.  This may also distract you a bit and focus some of your attention elsewhere, which will make it less likely you’ll ejaculate early.

Another idea is to try and stimulate your partner while she’s going down on you.  In the “69” position, you go down on your partner at the same time as she’s giving you head.  This offers you a distraction since you’re going to be busy working on getting your partner off.  This may make you last longer while she’s sucking you off.

Just as it’s recommended that you vary your movements while you’re having intercourse, you can request that your partner vary her tempo while she’s giving you head.  Differences in sensation are often a good way to prolong sexual experiences—usually when you stimulate the same spot the same way repeatedly, this will lead to an orgasm more quickly, especially if that stimulation is being delivered directly to the head of your penis.  Varying sensation will keep you from overstimulating the same nerves, which will make it easier for you to last longer.

Getting Head Can Help You Last Longer During Intercourse

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Getting head can also help you to last longer while you’re having intercourse.  How does that work?  Many men last longer on the second go around with sex.  That means if your partner can get you to ejaculate, and then you take a break, and then you have intercourse, you may last longer before you cum again.  This is a common technique used by partners who have difficulties with premature ejaculation.

So what a lot of partners do is start out with oral sex, even if they’re planning to have intercourse.  You may cum quickly when your partner gives you head, but then you can switch to pleasuring your partner for a while instead of focusing on yourself.  After a while you may find yourself becoming aroused again, and by the time your partner is really aroused, you may feel ready to have intercourse.  Many men will last a lot longer the second time around, so this is a common way for men and women to get their bodies to synch up during sex.

Getting head may also help you last longer during sex in general because you’ll be taking a broader approach to sex this way.  Men are sometimes led to believe that sex is only about intercourse and having an orgasm, but by taking a more generalized approach to sex and including more activities during your sexual encounters, you are more likely to last longer.  Exploring new sensations and experiences will usually lead to lengthier encounters and may also lead to more fulfilling sex.

Sex is a lot of fun, but for many people a quick two-minute experience just isn’t satisfying.  If you want to last longer during your sexual encounters, it is possible—premature ejaculation is a very common problem but it’s also one which is commonly solved with a little effort.  So try out some of these methods and see if things improve.  Most men find that they can last longer while getting head or doing other sexual activities than they think.  Like anything else in life, you’re going to start out bad at it and get better with practice!

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