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If you’re having trouble maintaining an erection, there are many natural methods you can use to try and stay hard.  The first thing you’re going to hear is that you should consider getting a prescription for erectile dysfunction drugs.  This is definitely something to consider if you can’t solve the problem through other means, but there are many steps you can take first to get hard and stay hard.  Most of these steps involve minor adjustments (or major in some cases) to your lifestyle, as well as taking a look at what psychological factors could be driving your impotence.

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First, consider what you’re putting into your body.  Do you smoke or drink excessively?  Smoking harms blood circulation, which can lead to problems with staying hard.  If you drink a lot, you may have problems with your prostate.  Are you taking any medications for psychological issues?  Just as anxiety, depression, and other psychological problems can cause erectile dysfunction, the medications used to treat them may do the same.  You may want to talk to your doctor about finding another solution to your problem, since it’s possible that the medications you’re using may be interfering with your sex life.  If you do have underlying psychological issues, you may need to resolve those so that your sex life improves.

Relationship problems can also put a strain on your sex life.  Both impotence and premature ejaculation can result directly from tension and stress relating to unresolved issues with your partner.  Those issues may involve sex, or they may involve something else.  If you’re aware of a problem, then you need to find a way to solve it.  Unfortunately problems in the bedroom can fuel relationship tensions, leading to a vicious cycle.  So it’s important that you find a way to disrupt that cycle and restore communication to your relationship.

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For many men, the inability to stay hard relates to performance anxiety.  Sometimes all it takes is a few bad experiences to compound into a learned habit.  Your body expects to have difficulty, and the result is exactly what your body expects based on your fears, unconscious or otherwise.  Work on ways of reducing stress factors in your life and also on calming your nerves in the bedroom.  One way to do this might be to simply practice; if you’re not in a committed relationship, you might just want to get out there and start seeing more women who you don’t feel any sense of pressure with (always practice safe sex).  If you are in a committed relationship, find ways to snap out of your routines.  Try having sex in a different environment, maybe another room in your house that you don’t associate with past failures.  Learn to be more spontaneous or to vary your sexual activities.  Focus on arousal instead of getting hard and let your erection take care of itself.  Be patient, have fun, and don’t worry about achieving a goal.

You can also try exercising more.  Abdominal exercises can help you build the strength to hold your erection, since your abdominal muscles play a support role when you’re hard.  You may also find that getting into shape helps you build self-confidence.  Reducing the size of your gut can also create the illusion that your erection is larger since all that gut won’t be there to create the illusion that it’s small to begin with.  The more confidence you feel in yourself the easier you’ll find it to stay hard.

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Kegel exercises are another way to stay hard.  These exercises work out your pelvic floor muscles and give you the ability to hold your erection for longer.  They won’t help you to have an erection in the first place, but they will help you last longer in bed and maintain a harder erection.  Just a few sets a day can give you a lot more control over your ejaculation, resolving issues with premature ejaculation.

Just as varying your sexual activities can make it easier to get hard in the first place, they can also help you to stay hard longer.  If you have problems with performance anxiety, getting out of your routine can help to alleviate the tension.  This helps with premature ejaculation and impotence alike.  Changing your routine can help you to last longer in bed if you usually come early since your body’s usual routine will have been interrupted.  Many men also tend to come early because they go right into thrusting and are set on having an orgasm.  One great way to stay hard longer is to enjoy foreplay and other elements of sex and to change up what you’re doing and just relax.  As long as you’re having a good time, you’ll eventually get to have an orgasm—there’s no rush, no brief passing window of time.  You don’t need to sweat it.

Adjust your attitude toward sex.  It doesn’t have to be a race, and there’s really not as much pressure surrounding it as you think there is.  Many couples work themselves into situations where sex become problematic, complicated, and stressful, when that doesn’t need to happen.  While for some couples erectile problems become severe because the couple wants to get pregnant, for most couples the problems don’t involve pregnancy—simply pleasure.  Pleasure’s important, but it’s not something which you’re going to get to have if all you’re doing is worrying about having it.  All that leads to is more stress and less satisfaction.  Worry creates the very problems which you believe it will solve.

Take some time to relax and remember that sex is supposed to be fun.  Odds are you aren’t under a lot of pressure to produce an heir, in which case you’re free to slow down and enjoy yourselves.  When you learn to have fun and to enjoy the process of arousal and not fixate so much on your erection or orgasm, you’ll find that staying hard comes naturally, and that you’ll probably last longer and also enjoy  more satisfying orgasms, as will your partner.

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