Last Longer During Intercourse

If you are used to your sexual encounters being curtailed because you can’t last a long time during intercourse, it’s easy to get it into your head that you’re somehow inadequate.  You probably don’t feel comfortable talking to your partner about your problem, much less other people, which means you may not realize that a lot of men have a difficult time lasting during intercourse.  In fact, ejaculating within two minutes or less of penetration is so common that it actually is the case with about three quarters of all men.  When 75 percent of all men have the same problem, it’s somewhat shocking how many of those men believe they are the only ones and that it’s somehow a medical problem.  Whereas in reality, it’s not a medical problem (except in rare cases) and it can almost always be improved with some effort and a positive attitude.

last longer during intercourse

There are a lot of quick fixes on the market that promise to help men last longer during intercourse.  Some of these take the form of medications, while others include “delay spray” and similar products which desensitize the penis.  Still other solutions include condoms with coatings similar to delay spray inside.  While these products may indeed help you to last longer during intercourse, they usually do some with a cost.  Many rely on desensitization to do their job, which costs you some of your fun.  Medications and sprays may both have side effects, some of them physical, others psychological, and none of them helpful.  And then there’s the fact that all of these solutions are going to cost you money on an ongoing basis.

Things shouldn’t look so bleak.  Since this isn’t a medical problem, it doesn’t require a medical solution.  What it does require is that you have a more thorough understanding of why you have a difficult time prolonging your sexual encounters and how you can go about fixing it on your own.  Through a combination of physical exercises and adjustments to your sex life, you should be able to last longer during intercourse.

Kegel Exercises

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Physical exercises are probably one of the best ways of lasting longer during intercourse—not just sexual activities in general.  The best exercises you can do are called Kegel exercises.  They are used to work out the muscles of the pelvic floor, the same muscles that are involved with ejaculating.  They also happen to be the muscles you use when you urinate, which makes them easy to find.  When you’re going to the bathroom, try to consciously stop urinating in mid-stream.  If you can do that, you’re consciously contracting the muscles in question.  Learn what that feels like, and then try to do it when you aren’t going to the bathroom.  Once you get that down, you can do sets of contractions several times a day.  This will strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and also give you more control over that part of your body.

It usually takes a couple of weeks before you start to notice results from doing Kegel exercises.  Even if you don’t have a lot of time in your day, you can do these exercises without disrupting your schedule at all.  You’ll discover quickly that you can do them while you’re sitting at the dinner table, watching TV, waiting at a stop light, or working at your desk.  No one can see you doing them, so you have total privacy to work on improving your strength and control.  After a few weeks go by, you will probably find that you can last a little longer during intercourse.  Keep working at it and your results will continue to improve.  This is one of the most effectively ways you can last longer, and many doctors recommend these exercises to patients with premature ejaculation every day.

Dealing with Stress

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If you can’t last long during intercourse, odds are this has had a pretty negative effect on you psychologically.  If you have anxiety or depression surrounding this issue, be honest with yourself about it, but also realize that there’s no shame in belonging to the 75 percent of men who can’t last any longer than you can!  There’s nothing wrong with being an average man.  Pelvic muscles, like any other muscles in your body, aren’t going to be strong unless you work them out, so put in the time and effort and you should see improvement, just as you would with any other muscles.  Try not to worry about it so much, and to let go of any performance anxiety you have.  Trust that you’ll improve with time, and give your body and mind space to do so.  Anxiety, depression and stress can only worsen this issue, so you have to let them go.

If your relationship has been negatively affected by this problem or if you have other strife with your partner, you need to find a way to deal with the issue and air out any problems which may be holding you back from really connecting with your partner emotionally and sexually.  Stress in relationships can cause premature ejaculation, so do what you can to solve problems and move forward with your lives.

Change Your Attitude

If you’re trying to last longer during intercourse, you probably don’t want to hear this, but sex is about more than just intercourse for a lot of people, especially women.  Odds are your partner isn’t actually all about you thrusting and thrusting endlessly, even if you believe she is (unless of course she’s told you so).  Many women can’t even have orgasms from vaginal sex in the first place.  Oftentimes men find they can last longer in bed in general if they put more emphasis on other sexual activities and don’t jump straight into intercourse.  Ironically this may actually help you last longer during intercourse eventually as well since you will diversify your sexual experience, enjoy different sensations, and not send your body the message that this is a race to the finish line.  Your partner will probably have more fun too.

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