Meditation and Lasting Longer In Bed

When you want to last longer in bed, you’re going to be faced with a deluge of advertisements when you surf the internet.  Among all the adds for erectile dysfunction pills and other products which promise to help you overcome premature ejaculation, you should still find a number of helpful suggestions which don’t advise you to spend all your money.  One of those suggestions is that you try meditating.  How can meditation help you to last longer in bed and enjoy a more satisfying sex life?

One of the main reasons that people meditate—regardless of whether they have sexual issues—is to try and gain some degree of control over their thoughts.  For a lot of people, thinking is a somewhat automatic process.  While there are many conscious thoughts which take time and effort, there are a lot of other thoughts—some conscious, others only partly expressed—which simply seem to “appear” in our minds.  Many of the feelings we have, particularly those of inadequacy, seem to just “appear” in the same way.  Emotions are the form that thoughts take when they have a chemical component—which means that emotions like depression and anxiety, as convincing as they can be, are not entirely out of your control.

By meditating, you can relax your mind and learn to consciously identify the negative thoughts that may be driving you.  If your erectile dysfunction is the result of underlying depression or anxiety, you will need to comprehensively treat those underlying issues in order to notice improvements in your sex life, and also so that your life overall improves.  Meditation can assist you with this too.  For some people it may be necessary to pursue therapy or other additional guidance as well.  Some therapists are able to help their patients learn to meditate.

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There are numerous different types of meditation you can learn.  You will find that numerous spiritual traditions around the world (in the west as well as the east) have developed forms of meditation that can help you to balance yourself and to understand and control negative thoughts and emotions.  You may find something within your own spiritual tradition if you look into it.  Or you can practice secular meditation which has been developed by modern psychologists.

Just as you can recognize your negative thoughts and learn to see through them to the underlying motivations and fallacies which are driving them, you can also train your mind into new, better patterns.  The brain is highly repetitious—once it learns to move along a certain track, that tracks starts to solidify.  Think of it as making a rut in a road deeper and deeper.  After a while it becomes almost automatic to move through the rut instead of branch off, and as the rut gets deeper it gets more difficult to extricate yourself and choose a new path.

Nevertheless, you do have the option of making a new path, and while telling yourself positive messages may seem challenging and unconvincing at first, over time your mind will have an easier time believing those messages.  Just as negative thoughts can become a habit, so can positive thoughts.  This process is known as “autosuggestion.”  You can look up more information online about it.  You can use positive affirmations throughout the day and not just when you’re meditating to help the message sink in deeper.

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A firm foundation of fact helps.  Tell yourself that most men have difficulty with lasting a long time in bed—which is a fact.  If you do the research you’ll find plenty of statistics confirming it.  Tell yourself that you’re a normal, healthy person (premature ejaculation is rarely the result of a physiological concern), and that you aren’t a failure in bed or with your relationship just because you, like most men, need to practice at lasting longer in bed in order to succeed.  And then encourage yourself with positive thoughts which are also based firmly in fact.  Most men can last longer in bed if they practice positive thinking and train themselves using Kegel exercises and other techniques.  Which means you will probably be successful too.

While you’re meditating and examining your thoughts, ask yourself whether any past conditioning may be part of the cause of your premature ejaculation.  When you were younger, did you have rushed sexual encounters?  If so, reaching orgasm quickly could be a learned habit which you can unlearn once you learn how to relax.  Have you been told that you’re “not a man” if you don’t define sex as thrusting repeatedly into a woman as hard as you can?  That’s another behavior you may want to unlearn if you want to last longer in bed.  Have you told yourself that you’re defective because you don’t last long?  You’re not—you just haven’t learned how to last long yet.

Kegel exercises are another great way to learn how to last longer in bed.  These exercises work out the muscles that are responsible for the flow of semen.  By doing regular sets of Kegel exercises, you can gain physical control over these muscles.  Will it be perfect control?  No, but it will be more than you have now.  What’s great about this is that it’s something concrete you can do to work on your premature ejaculation problem.

If you know that you’re doing something concrete to last longer in bed, something which is proven to work for many men, then you have another great basis for reinforcing positive thinking while you’re meditating and taking a cognitive approach to resolving your issue.  Once you have a more realistic understanding of premature ejaculation (which you hopefully do after reading this article), then you’re a lot better placed to move forward with your life and improve.  Half the difficulty with premature ejaculation is when you turn it into something which is a lot worse than it really is.  If you have PE, you are an average man—and like the average man, by taking the steps to last longer in bed, you should find success!

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