Oral Sex Could Revolutionize Your Sex Life

Is your sex life becoming a bit staid and repetitive?  Do you feel like you’ve lost that spark that your relationship had when it was new?  Do you find yourself going through the same motions every time you have sex, and since you always know what’s coming, you actually lose the anticipation?  Couples often sink into these comfortable routines with sex after they’ve been together for a while, and then wonder why sex has gotten to be so much less exciting than it was when they first got together.  Nope, it’s not just because you’ve been together a long time and you know each other pretty well.  It’s just that you’ve turned sex into a habit.

oral sex revolution

Intercourse is fun, but it’s not the only type of sex you can have.  And if you’ve never tried oral sex, it could just be the thing which will revolutionize your sex life, making things fun and interesting again.  One of the main reasons that couples don’t try oral sex is that it can be a bit uncomfortable to try to learn how to do something new.  Remember when you first started having sex, though, how everything was new, and therefore a little uncomfortable—but in a good way?

It isn’t a bad thing to try something a little different and not be sure what to expect.  Why oral sex?  Here are some great reasons.  These are just a few of the ways oral sex can inject new excitement into your relationship and help you to bring back that spark you may have lost.

Oral Sex Is a Common Activity

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If you’ve had a relatively conservative sex life, then you may not feel ready to try anything that isn’t more or less a “mainstream” thing to do.  If that’s the case, oral sex is a perfect activity to start with if you want to try some new things, but aren’t comfortable yet approaching your partner with anything which seems too new.  Oral sex is one of the most common sex acts in existence, so the odds that your partner will have qualms with it are somewhat lower than they would be for a less common activity.  If you’re very self-conscious, this can make it much easier to snap out of your routine.

Oral Sex is Fun and Intimate

It’s especially common for guys to think of intercourse as the one and only sexual activity in the world, since it’s the fastest way to achieve an orgasm.  It’s not exactly torture to slow down and enjoy yourself though, is it?  Oral sex is just one more way you can have fun exploring pleasurable sensations with your partner and enjoying deepened intimacy.  When intimacy goes out of a relationship, sex tends to get tedious—and those orgasms tend to suffer too.  Research has shown that couples that slow down and enjoy themselves instead of rushing to the finish line often experience deeper feelings of intimacy and arousal, and the anticipation leading to the climax can lead to more explosive orgasms.

Oral Sex Can Help with Premature Ejaculation

If you suffer from premature ejaculation, you may be surprised to discover that oral sex can help you to fix your timing problems and sync up your climax with your partner’s!  Part of this relates to that whole “slowing down” concept.  When your mind is racing to the finish line, your body races to catch up.  When you’re having oral sex, you’re focused on other aspects of sex.  Plus, if you’re stimulating your partner and not receiving any stimulation yourself, you are far less likely to have an orgasm while your partner is still working up the proper level of arousal.  To learn more about how oral sex can help you with premature ejaculation, click here.

Your Partner Will Appreciate You Showing an Interest

If you haven’t shown an interest in doing something new in the bedroom in a long time, odds are your partner is a little bored of your attitude.  Of course, she may be just as bad—but somebody has to take the first step to make sex fun again.  And if your partner has showed signs of wanting to revolutionize your sex life in the past, then she’s probably just waiting for you to show some kind of interest.

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Deciding you’re interested in oral sex could be a great way of showing your partner you still are passionate about her and want to find new ways to express that passion in bed.  It could be just the first step; after you try oral sex together, you might become interested in other sexual activities and positions which you never would’ve thought to try before.

Having oral sex for the first time with a new partner can be intimidating, whether or not you’ve had oral sex with other partners in the past.  Knowing what to do isn’t always obvious.  You may need guidance from your partner.  That isn’t a bad thing; it can help you to talk about sex, which can open all kinds of doors which can lead to more exciting sexual experiences.  A lot of guys get nervous about asking their partners for guidance when they perform oral sex, because they think that shows they don’t know what they’re doing.  On the contrary, your partner will probably be really grateful that you want to make her happy.  This all by itself is often enough to help create more intimacy in a relationship.

After spending a long time with a partner, you’d think that you’d become more comfortable and open with that person, but the opposite often happens.  You become comfortable with your partner, but you become comfortable with what you know.  You actually become more averse to doing anything which disrupts routine, because you don’t know where it will lead.  Learning to become more open with your partner about sex can be a huge step in making your relationship more intimate, and that in turn can make sex a much more rewarding activity.

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