Oral Sex Positions

Oral sex is one of the most common sexual activities, but did you know that there are dozens of different ways to have oral sex?  Many people don’t get past the basic positions for cunnilingus, fellatio, and anilingus, but there are a lot of ways you can spice up your sex life just by trying something new.  Some oral sex positions are too awkward or challenging for the average couple to enjoy, but there are numerous positions which are comfortable and which can change sensations and produce new sexual experiences.

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The most basic position for oral sex is for one partner to just lie down on his or her back on the bed or another comfy surface.  The partner who is performing lies down on his or her stomach between the receiving partner’s legs.  We’re guessing if you’ve had oral sex, this is the most likely position you’ve already tried.  The other most common position (for fellatio) is for the receiving partner to stand while the performing partner kneels in front of him.  Now on to other positions you may not have tried!

  • Facesitting.  This is a great position for fellatio or cunnilingus, and can be done with the receiving partner facing in either direction.  Make sure to give the performing partner ample breathing space.  This is a really good position for cunnilingus for partners who have a difficult time achieving adequate pressure and precision.  The receiving partner has more control in this position and can change the pressure and help the performing partner to find the right spots.
  • Standard oral sex position with legs up.  Have the receiving partner lie down on his or her back and then raise his or her legs up and over.  How far the receiving partner’s legs can go will depend on her flexibility.  This position really opens up the genital area and makes it easier for the performing partner to get a good angle of approach.  It’s also a good position for anilingus.
  • Standing cunnilingus.  Standing fellatio is such a simple, obvious position that most people have tried it, but have you tried cunnilingus while standing?  This one may sound challenging because of the differences in anatomy, but there are ways to do it so that it’s easy to reach.  You can try it with a couch or a low chair or bed.  The receiving partner stands and then raises one leg and places it on the couch, opening up the genital area.
  • Another standing position for oral sex which can be used for cunnilingus or fellatio is to have one partner lie down on a bed with his or her head propped over the edge, and then the receiving partner stands (or squats, as may be necessary) over the performer at the edge of the bed.  A modification on this position is to have the receiving partner actually sit on the face of the performer, but use care with this position so as not to exert too much weight (as this can cause neck injury).  Facesitting is safer when the receiving partner is kneeling on the bed because the weight is mostly distributed on the bed and not on the receiving partner.  Any facesitting position can potentially work well for anilingus.  Try sitting facing away from your partner to make it easier to reach the anus.  Leaning forward can then help open up the area.
  • You can also do oral sex while lying on your sides.  This is like side-by-side intercourse, but with oral sex instead.  It’s a comfortable position to perform in, especially if you get a pillow or cushion to prop up the performer’s head.
  • If you haven’t tried the 69 position (or any variations on it) yet, you’re missing out.  This is a great position since it lets both partners perform and receive at the same time.  The simplest form of the 69 position is to have one partner lie down on his back and his partner get on top of him facing the opposite direction.  The 69 position can also be performed the other way around (it’s generally going to be most comfortable if you put the heavier partner on the bottom), or you can do it on your sides.  For adventurous (and foolhardy) partners, it can even be performed standing up, though we don’t recommend this as it can cause serious injury.

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Couples often complain that sex can get a bit repetitious and dull after time passes by, but part of the reason for this is that it’s easy to get into a familiar routine and stop trying new things.  The more routine your sex gets, the less involved you tend to be in it since you’re just going through the motions.  Trying out new positions can be fun and exciting and can give you access to new sensations.  It’s one of the easiest changes you can make to your sex life, since it really is just looking for new ways to do the same things you already know you enjoy.  While oral sex can help you to vary your sex life, it can also suffer from the same tediousness if you turn it into something without imagination.  And if oral sex is the main feature of your sex life, this can be an even bigger problem.

How do you get into new sex positions if you’ve been doing the same ones for a long time?  Try asking your partner if she’d be open to doing something a little different than the usual.  She may be hoping to hear just that, and may have some ideas of her own to try.  Or you can just maneuver into a new position which is similar to one you’re already familiar with for an easy transition.  Next time you’re in the standard 69 position, just roll over onto your sides to try something new for example.  Or just try going with your instinct instead of going through the motions—see where your imagination and your passion takes you.

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