PC Muscle Exercises

One of the most common sex problems for men is premature ejaculation.  Despite the fact that this problem is exceedingly common, many men don’t want to discuss it because it can be a source of embarrassment.  In fact, in many relationships it becomes a source of all kinds of drama, which isn’t necessary because it is such a common problem.  Since many men don’t talk about premature ejaculation, however, they assume they’re the only ones who suffer from it.  The reality is that most men “prematurely” ejaculate.  If you want to last longer in bed, you’re not alone.  And the great news is that there are things which you can do to learn how to control your ejaculation.  One of the most concrete activities you can do is exercise your PC muscles.

What are your PC muscles?  The “PC” in “PC muscles” stands for pubococcygeus.  PC muscles control a number of things including your ejaculation, the hardness of your erection, and the flow of your urine when you go to the bathroom.  If you don’t work out your PC muscles, you may have minimal or even no control over any of these aspects of your existence.  If you work out your PC muscles, however, you may not only find yourself able to control your ejaculation within a few weeks, but also for the long term.  Doing regular PC muscle exercises can help you to maintain hard erections and last longer in bed long after most of your fellow men have gone impotent in their older years.

PC muscle exercises are also known as “Kegel exercises,” named for Dr. Arnold H. Kegel, a gynecologist who invented them.  Kegel exercises are recommended by doctors worldwide to treat numerous different conditions including premature ejaculation and urinary incontinence.  You’ve probably heard of them with reference to pregnancy.  Women practice Kegel exercises to make delivery go more smoothly and also to recover more quickly afterward.

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Since PC muscles control not only the flow of semen but also the flow of urine, that means you can figure out where your PC muscles are the next time you’re using the toilet.  The easiest way to find the muscles are to try and stop the flow of your urine while you’re going to the bathroom.  If you can manage to stop urinating and then start again, you’ve found them.  If you’re brand new to this it might take you several tries to locate them.  Once you get used to it, however, don’t do your PC muscle workouts on the toilet anymore.  It’s easier to urinate when you don’t turn urination into a conscious activity, and if you’re constantly starting and stopping your flow of urine, you may increase urinary retention (which means you have to go right back into the bathroom a few minutes later).

Try to notice whether you’re also tensing up your abdominal muscles, buttocks, or thighs.  You shouldn’t be doing that when you’re doing Kegel exercises.  PC muscle exercises are most effective when you’re relying only on the muscles you’re trying to work out and not falling back on others.  Working out your abdominals is a great way to help improve your erection, so you may want to add that to your routine as well.  If you build up more support in your abs, your erection will be more, well, erect.  And if you burn off belly fat, you can improve your proportions so that your penis seems larger.

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When should you work out your PC muscles?  One great thing which you’ll notice right away is that this is a hands-free exercise.  You don’t have to do anything visible, which gives you complete freedom.  No one can possibly notice that you’re doing PC muscle exercises, so you can do them in public.  You can work out your muscles while you’re watching TV, sitting in your office, driving your car, or anything else.

The most effective way to do these exercises is to do several sets throughout the day.  Try clenching your PC muscles and releasing rapidly, and doing about ten repetitions of those clenches and releases.  If you do this several times a day, you should start to notice a difference within a matter of weeks.  There are many variations on Kegel exercises; as with any other type of exercise, the trick is to work out enough to make a difference, but not to overwork; all things in moderation.

Can PC muscle exercises alone help you to last longer in bed?  It all depends on the person.  Some men find that these exercises are all they need in order to learn to control their premature ejaculation.  Other men need to incorporate other methods into what they are doing.  Others need to change the way they think about sex.  How much you have to do is going to depend on a number of factors.  Your physiology will have an impact (although it’s important that you realize that premature ejaculation is almost never a physiological problem—just something which you need to work on to control).  Your mentality will also have an impact.  How much anxiety and depression have resulted from your premature ejaculation may also play into how challenging it is for you to gain control.

If your relationship has been suffering because of premature ejaculation, the first thing you need to do is have a sit-down with your significant other and let her know that you are going to be working on your problem, and also that you’ve learned that it’s something which is incredibly common.  It’s essential you both learn to develop a more positive attitude about premature ejaculation.  Without a positive attitude, your mind will try to cut off all the progress your body is making.  With your body and mind in harmony, you can use PC muscle exercises to improve your sexual performance within a fairly short timeframe.  Be patient, address any problems which may be feeding into your situation, and have confidence in yourself—and you’ll probably be performing better sooner than you think!

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