Premature Ejaculation Causes

Premature ejaculation may be getting you down, but the great news is that the cause is rarely medical.  On rare occasions, issues involving hormones may cause premature ejaculation, and in some cases an injury may be responsible.  The vast majority of cases are psychological however and can be corrected.  And many cases there may not even be a clear cause; sometimes the only factor which causes premature ejaculation is a simple lack of experience. If so, experience, time, and effort usually solve the problem.  What you need to do to correct your premature ejaculation depends on the cause.  Let’s take a look at the most common reasons men may experience this problem and what the appropriate fixes are in each case.

premature ejaculation causes


Stress is a very common reason for premature ejaculation.  Stress may or may not be related to sex; you might be stressed out about your budget or about issues at work for example, and that stress can have an impact on other aspects of your life.  If you don’t feel like you’re pulling in enough money to support yourself or your partner, for instance, you may see yourself as inadequate, which can cause you to feel that way during sex.  This can lead to premature ejaculation.  Stress also has many physical effects that can cause you to feel down.  Many people experience headaches, digestive problems, and other issues because of stress.  PE can be just one more stress-induced symptom without any intervening psychological factors.  If stress is responsible for your PE, you need to find ways to relax and to eliminate stressors from your life to help treat your sexual dysfunction.


Depression, Anxiety, or PTSD

Mental illness is another common cause of premature ejaculation, and more serious than many other causes.  Mental illness can take a much greater toll on your life than just causing you to have problems in the sack.  If you suspect that you may be suffering from mental illness, it’s important to treat it not only for the sake of your sex life but also for other reasons pertaining to your overall well being, physically and mentally.  Once you start to deal with your issues, you should find that recovery is possible in many aspects of your life, including your sex life.

Also note that simple performance anxiety surrounding sex can cause premature ejaculation.  If you’ve built up an expectation of not being able to perform, that’s oftentimes exactly what you’ll do when the moment comes around.  Learn to let go of your concerns over your performance and you’ll likely do better.

Social Conditioning

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This is a big cause of premature ejaculation, and the ways in which it manifests are diverse.  One way in which social conditioning can cause men to ejaculate quickly is through rushed sexual experiences.  As a youth, you may have had to hurry to ejaculate if you were for example masturbating in the bathroom (so as not to have to hear the dreaded, “What are you doing in there?  You’ve been in there for twenty minutes!” from your parents).

If you learned to ejaculate quickly so as to escape from embarrassing situations, it may have become second nature to you to do so even now that you don’t have any need to rush.  If that’s the case, you need to un-condition yourself.  If you experience sexual shame or repression, that’s also a likely culprit of premature ejaculation.  Come to terms with your sexuality and explore it, and you should find yourself on the path to recovering from premature ejaculation.

Another way in which social conditioning can lead to premature ejaculation is in men who have been taught that they are expected to continuously thrust into their partners to satisfy them, whereas on the contrary a large number of women can’t even experience vaginal orgasms to begin with.  Being able to thrust for long time periods is not a proof of virility and it’s not likely expected of you in the first place.  Men are also often taught that sex is a means to an end (an orgasm in this case).  If you believe this, you’ve conditioned your body to go straight to the finish line.  In all of these cases, what you need to do is change your attitude toward sex in order to improve.

No Obvious Cause

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It’s also possible there is no clear cause for your premature ejaculation at all.  This isn’t necessarily a cause for anxiety however since that actually probably means you have less work to do in order to improve.  How can there be no clear cause?  A famous survey by Alfred Kinsey found that around three quarters of respondents said that they ejaculated within two minutes of penetration during sexual intercourse.  That’s by far the overwhelming majority of men.  That certainly doesn’t mean that three quarters of respondents were suffering from mental illness or were being repressed by social conditioning.

It’s believed that there is a genetic basis for premature ejaculation in men.  It seems logical that by being able to ejaculate quickly, men were able to pass on their genes more reliably in the past.  This means that nature selected premature ejaculators to pass down their genes, and that tendency to ejaculate quickly was passed down the line as an evolutionary advantage.

What can you do about it?  If you can’t find any psychological approach to the issue, you can exercise your pelvic floor muscles by doing Kegel exercises.  These workouts are simple and easy to do and you can do them anytime, anywhere, without anyone knowing about it.  Within a few weeks of doing Kegel exercises, many men find that they are able to last longer in bed.  You can also do methods like the start-and-stop technique during sex to delay ejaculation.  Most men, whether they have a psychological basis for premature ejaculation or not, find that they can improve with experience and effort and without the intervention of medications or products which deaden sensation.  So figure out the cause of your premature ejaculation if you can and work on improving.  You should see a great result with time and patience.

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