Premature Ejaculation Cure

Premature ejaculation can plague your sex life, take a toll on your relationship and also destroy your self-confidence.  If you are looking up your condition online, you’re going to run into a lot of advertisers promising a premature ejaculation cure which can end your woes for once and for all.  These companies are usually selling medications, herbs, “delay spray,” and other products you can use to try and combat your symptoms.  What these products don’t do is treat the cause of premature ejaculation.  As such they don’t provide you with a permanent cure.  The only way you can cure premature ejaculation is figure out why you have it in the first place and then tackle the cause.  By getting to the root of the problem you can create a lasting solution.

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Understanding Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is often regarded as a medical condition, but that’s largely because so many manufacturers of medications have marketed it as if it is one in order to sell their products.  Can there be a medical explanation for premature ejaculation?  In some cases, yes—sexual dysfunction has been linked to heart disease and several other conditions.  These cases account only for a minority of overall cases, however, and in general explanations for premature ejaculation are not physiological.  Usually psychological factors are to blame.  Lifestyle can have an impact too however, so if you indulge in smoking, drinking, or other unhealthy habits, you probably will want to make it your first step to set those habits aside since they can cause premature ejaculation.

Since premature ejaculation is often psychological in origin, it is possible to make changes to your life and your mindset which can help cure the problem.  For example, ask yourself whether you’ve been stressed out lately.  Have you been having problems with your relationship?  Working out these issues can help you to overcome premature ejaculation if these issues are part or all of the cause.

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If you suffer from depression or anxiety disorder, this too can explain why you have premature ejaculation.  Curing your premature ejaculation will involve treating your mental illness.  PTSD may also be the cause of premature ejaculation, particularly if the trauma concerns a sexual experience in the past.  Learning to work your way through these issues can enable you to lay the foundations for a more positive future.

Even something as simple as performance anxiety can cause premature ejaculation.  Nearly all men are going to experience premature ejaculation at some point in life.  If you have premature ejaculation and you don’t understand it, however, you can build up anxiety around what happened and worry that it’s going to happen again.  All that worry doesn’t do anything positive for your sex life; oftentimes that’s all it takes to cause you to have premature ejaculation again.

Premature Ejaculation Is Common

Common is actually an understatement when it comes to PE; 75 percent of all men are estimated according to research studies to ejaculate within two minutes or less of penetration during sexual intercourse.  Not all of these men have psychological issues feeding into their PE, but that doesn’t mean they all have medical problems either.  Researchers believe that the root cause of premature ejaculation in some men may simply by that they are men.  Historically speaking, your ancestors probably were more capable of passing on their genes if they could do so in a hurry, so nature may have selected premature ejaculators.

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While this means there could be nothing wrong with you whatsoever, it may also seem concerning at first because now you may wonder what you can possibly do about your genes.  The good news is that while you may have inherited your premature ejaculation, it’s rarely a permanent trait.  Overcoming it may be possible if you do some exercises and change your perspective a bit and perhaps your approach to sex.  There are also techniques you can use while you’re having sex which can help to extend the length of your sexual encounters.

Techniques To Try

The first technique most doctors recommend for curing premature ejaculation is Kegel exercises.  These exercises can be used to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and help you to gain control over them.  This increases your control during sex and may help you to delay ejaculation.  You also may experience harder erections and more potent orgasms as a result.  You can find your pelvic floor muscles easily while you’re urinating.  If you can stop the stream of urine voluntarily, you can contract your pelvic floor muscles.  While you’re not going to the bathroom, try doing some of these contractions.  Once you get a feel for them, you can do them in sets several times a day.

Within a couple of weeks many men find that they have gained some control.  One of the reasons this is such a good technique is that it’s simple and it’s concrete.  It gives you something to focus on other than your problem.  It returns some control to you so that you can build confidence.  While you’re working on improving your control with Kegel exercises, you can also start working on any psychological dimension of your problem which may exist.

You can also start practicing techniques for lasting longer while you’re having sex.  The stop-and-start method in which you stop direct stimulation when you’re close to the brink is something you can practice doing by yourself before you do it with a partner.  There is also the “squeeze” method.  With this method you force blood out of the penis by squeezing just above the head.  This can delay ejaculation as well.  You can also try changing your attitude about sex.  Are you used to going into a sexual experience with the goal of having an orgasm?  Orgasms aren’t that difficult to have if you’re really aroused, so try letting go and letting it happen naturally.  You’ll probably last longer if you focus on what you’re doing instead of the end result, and when you do finally ejaculate, you’ll likely have a more intense orgasm.  There are cures for many cases of premature ejaculation!

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