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Hi I’m Craig, and below is my experience with the Keni Styles Superman Stamina product by 2 Girls Teach Sex (created to help you last longer in bed as well as treat premature ejaculation). To visit the official website of Superman Stamina, click here.

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Keni Styles, the author of Superman Stamina

You may not realize this, but most men aren’t born with the innate talent of providing their partners with great sex. Like with most things, becoming a great partner in bed requires a lot of research and practice. It’s unreasonable to think that every man will be good in bed in their first couple of tries. After all, it’s not like girls teach sex as a school course.

Unfortunately, many guys feel embarrassed or ashamed if they can’t live up to their full potential during sex and sometimes decide to avoid sex altogether. On the other side of the spectrum, some men simply settle for a woman who doesn’t mind their lackluster sexual performance and end up keeping her for the rest of their lives. Obviously, this isn’t an ideal situation, as neither partner will ever be fully satisfied. Both men and women have the natural instinct and desire to have great sex. It’s one of the pleasures in life that should be enjoyed, not something to dread. Unfortunately, most men aren’t aware of how to improve their performance to make sex enjoyable and fun.

There’s one man who claims to have the cure for every other man out there who is having sexual performance issues. That man is pornstar Keni Styles. He claims that technique and style have absolutely nothing to do with giving great sex. Instead, he says that the key to satisfying women is actually endurance and he’s discovered the secrets for how to last longer in bed. He’s developed a product called Superman Stamina. It’s a series of how to DVDs that teach men all of his porn star secrets to lasting longer in bed and giving women the pleasure and excitement that they crave during sex.

Keni Styles, a man of Asian descent who grew up in a British orphanage, claims to have once been a two-pump chump, disappointing his partners and girlfriends so much that he started avoiding sex with women completely. He attributes his previous problems to a lack of self-esteem from relentless jokes that were made about him as a child, mostly based on his Asian background, which apparently made him “less of a man”. It turned out that Styles suffered from premature ejaculation, forcing him to turn to sexual stamina, libido, and blood flow and stimulant pills. Of course, these supplements and stamina RX products did not help him one bit to increase sexual stamina.

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superman staminaKeni claims to have discovered his sexual stamina secrets during boot camp after he joined the British Army. As the only Asian man in his platoon, he was constantly picked on by the drill sergeant. During consistent daily intense training periods that he was singled out to perform, this is when Keni finally discovered the secrets that he shares in his product, Superman Stamina. When he tried his newly found concentration and control techniques on women, he was finally able to last longer in bed and actually began to give his partners pleasure as well.

When you purchase this product, you will receive three instructional DVDs. I have to warn you though. These are not your everyday, run of the mill, lecture lessons. Some of the material is actually hard-core porn. The first DVD will teach you the secrets that you need to know to achieve Superman Stamina. But in the second DVD, Keni will show you how the secrets work in action. While you watch Keni and a woman have sex, he tells you exactly what he does with his body and mind to keep his concentration and keep control of his body to last as long as possible. Disc three is how you practice what you have learned. While watching as a woman masturbates, you are supposed to pleasure yourself while also keeping an eye on an indicator on the screen that tells you where your level of excitement should be according to how the woman is reacting. This trainer lesson is supposed to help you learn when you need to exercise control in order to allow your partner to get to their pinnacle and also show you when it’s okay to let go of your control.

One thing that Keni will teach you in his videos is that women are vastly different from men sexually, and knowing this is the key to being able to provide the best sexual performance your partner will ever have experienced. Unlike men, women require more time to be ready for sex. You probably already know this since women constantly want more foreplay. But what you may not know is that it takes much longer for a woman to reach climax then it does for a man. Typical men can only last five to ten minutes in bed but most women require ten to fifteen minutes of penetration sex to achieve an orgasm. Obviously, this poses a huge problem when it comes to providing sexual satisfaction to your female partners.

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This is why Keni is sharing his secrets in his Superman Stamina video series. He claims that the key to keeping a woman interested in you is your ability to give her satisfying orgasms. According to Styles, a woman will stray to another man that can provide her with sexual satisfaction if you can’t provide her with it. Plus, he also claims that a woman will never truly be attracted to you if you can’t provide her with orgasms from penetration. But luckily he claims that providing these types of orgasms to women is actually relatively easy and simply requires the right amount of endurance and a steady rhythm.

Happy Couple In BedNow, I can’t tell you whether these claims about women and orgasms are true or not. But I can tell you that I’ve purchased and watched the three part Superman Stamina series and it definitely works. I decided to give it a try because, even though she never said anything to me, I could tell that my girlfriend was actually never satisfied after we had sex, so I knew I had to do something to step up my game. To be honest, I couldn’t even last longer than five to eight minutes for her. However, after learning all the control techniques from Keni, I can regularly last up to twenty minutes and my girlfriend actually reaches a full orgasm (most of the time). I can’t say that these videos ‘completely changed my life’ like the advertising for them claims, but I can tell you that (according to my girlfriend) my “good” sexual abilities rating in bed has now jumped to “great” and sometimes “amazing”. The price of the product was well worth my girlfriend’s increased desire for sex and me.

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