Techniques to Last Longer in Bed

Techniques To Last LongerSex is something which a lot of us approach with high expectations, of ourselves and our partners.  As such, it’s not too difficult for it to also become a source of problems in our relationships.  Many men struggle with the fact that they don’t last as long in bed as their partners.  A man may expect a sexual encounter to take just five or ten minutes and be perfectly satisfied with the short experience, while a woman may only just start to get hot by that point and need a longer experience to reach the same level of stimulation and pleasure.  If you find yourself regularly in this predicament, you know how frustrating it can be.  By the time your lady’s starting to really respond, you’re already finished.

This can lead to all sorts of misunderstandings in a relationship.  Women don’t always understand that you may feel like you have no control over when you come—then again, you may have more control over it than you think you do.  If you’re reading this article, odds are you’re interested in finding some natural ways you can overcome your difficulties.  Techniques are different than popping pills—while they may take more hard work and dedication, ultimately they are going to have more satisfying, concrete results.  There are numerous techniques which you can use to last longer in bed, none of which are going to cost you a dime.  In this article, we’re going to discuss Kegel exercises.

What are Kegel Exercises?

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Kegel exercises are pelvic floor exercises, used by men and women for different applications (named for Dr. Arnold Kegel).  Women use Kegel exercises to assist them in reducing urinary incontinence after pregnancy and also in streamlining the delivery process.  Men can use these same exercises as a technique to last longer in bed.  When you do Kegel exercises, you’ll be strengthening and toning the pubococcygeus muscles of your pelvic floor.  You’ll also acquire more control over this muscle, which will prevent premature ejaculation.  Kegel exercises can help you to sustain a fuller, more intense erection for longer, and can increase sexual pleasure for both you and your partner.

How to Perform Kegel Exercises

How do you start doing Kegel exercises?  First you’ll have to locate the pelvic floor muscle which you need to be exercising.  Most people don’t know where these are, but the best way to identify them is to try and stop the flow of urination the next time you’re in the bathroom.  For some men this will be easier than it is for others.  Once you’ve achieved it, you’ve found the right muscle.  Try this out a few times to get a better feel for it, but as a rule you don’t want to do this too much too often, or you may have problems with urinary retention.

Once you’ve learned to identify the sensation of contracting your pubococcygeus muscles, you’ll be able to do the exact same thing when you’re not urinating.  This will prevent you from having urinary retention issues (and if you happen to have urinary incontinence, this may help you to treat it).  Since no one can see that you’re doing Kegel exercises, you can do them pretty much whenever and wherever you want, whether you’re sitting up, standing down or lying down.  If you do a couple sets a day, you should start to see some improvements.

How Do Kegel Exercises Lead to Sexual Stamina?

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By gaining increased control over your pubococcygeus muscle, you also gain increased control over your orgasms.  Since this muscle is involved in your contractions during orgasm, you may also experience more intense contractions, resulting more pleasure.  You’ll further benefit by expanding your awareness of genital sensations.  Since you’re putting more of a focus on it and getting to know that part of your body better, you’re more likely to be tuned into all the nuances of pleasure during sex.  Numerous men have stated that their PE problems either reduced significantly or went away entirely after they started doing Kegel exercises.

Kegel exercises are among the most commonly used techniques to improve sexual stamina and prowess—among men and also women—but you’re not limited to just one technique.  There are many other methods which you can use to last longer as well, such as masturbation and also changes to your techniques while you’re having sex.  We’ll discuss more details about those methods in the other articles on our website.

Equally important as learning new techniques is to change your attitude toward sex and toward premature ejaculation.  There is a tendency for premature ejaculation to cause discord between sexual partners.  Men may start to think of their ladies as high maintenance and impossible to please, while women may start to think of their men as disinterested and perfunctory.  In reality however it is important to recognize that this is a common physiological and psychological difference between the sexes, and while it does not apply to everyone, it does apply to many people.  There isn’t necessarily anything “wrong” with you if you don’t last long in bed, and it doesn’t mean you’re not interested in sex or in your partner.  A healthy understanding of this fact from both you and your partner is helpful in making changes.

Even though you may not be able to last long now, there is no reason you can’t start improving your stamina today.  You don’t necessarily have to deal with the high expenditure of ordering pills or the adverse reactions which can come from using them when there are many natural techniques like Kegel exercises available to help you overcome your problem.  When you want to improve at most physical activities, you practice.  Sex is no different; if you want to last longer and have more fun, then you need to do your exercises and work at it.  It shouldn’t be long before you start seeing positive results.  And since the process is natural and you’re in control, those results can lead to lasting change.

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