These Sex Tips Can Literally Rock Your World

Whether you’re trying to impress a new partner or put the spark back into an old relationship, one of the best ways to do it is to change up your routine in the bedroom and try some exciting new moves with your partner.  If you’re tired of sex being the same routine over and over again, the only person who can do anything about it is you.  Sex is what we make of it, and your fun in the bedroom is limited only by your imagination.  If you’re having a tough time thinking of things to try to make sex more exciting, then check out these simple changes you can make to your routine.

sex tips that rock your world

Tip #1:  Get out of the bedroom.

Having more fun in the bedroom doesn’t have to be a literal proposition.  Sometimes settings can become as dull as any other part of our sexual routines.  If you always have sex in bed, why not try a different room or a different surface?  You may have even become used to associating your bed with monotonous sex, in which case having sex in your bed is probably going to add to your feelings of lethargy.  Try having sex on the floor, on a desk, on a counter, on a table, on a couch, on a chair, in the shower.  There are tons of different places in your house you can go at it.

Why is getting out of the bedroom so much fun?  There are a couple of reasons.  One is that it makes it easier to try new positions, and it provides a different physical context for sex.  Another reason you may not have thought about is that if you always have sex in bed, you’re saying the bedroom is the only “appropriate” place to have sex.  It can be fun and liberating to break these little rules we set up for ourselves.  The more you learn to break out of those rules, the easier you’ll probably find it to try new things.

Tip #2:  Try a different time of day.

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Couples often get into routines where there is a certain time of day set aside for having sex.  Maybe it’s morning, maybe it’s night.  It’s rarely the middle of the day, but sometimes sex in the middle of the day can be a lot of fun.  We can get very caught up in our other routines—work and housework, responsibilities and obligations.  But spontaneity can be a fun part of sex, and if you always schedule sex, you lose some of that fun surprise.  Try having sex at a time you normally wouldn’t.  In other words, try re-prioritizing a bit.  Put more of an emphasis on physical intimacy with your partner, and don’t leave it as a last commitment.  This can also help to bring some passion back into your relationship.

Tip #3:  Leave some clothes on—or try dressing up!

When you were younger, you probably had a lot of makeout sessions and sex with some of your clothes still on, didn’t you?  But as we get older, we often skip out of this phase and get our clothes off right away.  Or we don’t even think about having sex unless our clothes are conveniently off in the first place (like at bedtime).  But sex can be more exciting if you sometimes keep some clothing on.  It can remind you of the spontaneous sex you had when you were younger.  This tip goes doubly for women, who can be very exciting in their lingerie or panties.

You may even want to try dressing up!  Online you can find lots of sexy adult costumes which can help you have more fun in the bedroom.  Wearing costumes or roleplaying are two easy ways to get your brain more involved in sex, which can lead to much more exciting sex.  This is one of the most common kinks in existence, so if you’re interested in trying something new, there’s a good chance you’ll find it fun and your partner might too.

Tip #4:  Build up anticipation.

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Our lives may not be very spontaneous as we get older and our responsibilities pile up, but there are other ways to make sex fun.  Spontaneity can definitely add to sex, but it isn’t everything.  In fact, if you can’t find any way to break with your schedule and your responsibilities, then why not turn your constraints into a game instead?  If the only time you can find for sex is at night after you’re both done meeting your commitments, why not tease each other through the day and build anticipation?  Not only does this get you excited about your sexual encounters, but it also gives you another way that you can work sex into the rest of your life.  This is another great way to create more intimacy with your partner.

Tip #5:  Talk about sex.

How often do you and your partner talk about sex?  Not just: “I had such a great time last night,” or “You were amazing last night.”  We’re talking about really opening up and sharing yourself with your partner.  With most couples, the answer is probably “never.”  Why?  Because lots of people think this disrupts that feeling of spontaneity.  And many people also are unsure how to open up about sex, even with their partners, because they have learned to be shy about their desires, if not downright ashamed about them.

These are just a few easy ways you can spice up your sex life!  None of them demand big changes in your routine, and all of them are things you can easily do no matter how often you like to have sex or what kind of sex you like to have.  If you’re in a new relationship, you can use these tips to keep sex fresh and fun, and if you’ve been in a relationship for a while, you can use these tips to bring some excitement back into the physical aspect of your relationship.

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