Tricks To Last Longer In Bed

Want to last longer in bed and have a more enjoyable sex life?  It can be frustrating when most of your sexual encounters are over in a brief matter of minutes.  The good news is however that you’re far from alone—most men are, or were, in your position.  There are plenty of tricks to last longer in bed which have been developed as a result of the ubiquity of this particular problem.  So many men have premature ejaculation at some point of their lives, but most men are able to overcome it to some degree or another just by doing some simple tricks.  Some of these tricks are tricks which you can use while you’re having sex.  Others are tricks you can use while you’re not.

Tricks to Use in Bed

last longer in bed trickWhile you’re having sex, there are some things you can do to try and extend your experience.  Try to get a feel for when you’re approaching ejaculation.  There is a point at which you tip over the brink and are unable to stop from having an orgasm, but this is generally right before you do.  Prior to that, you may sense yourself getting close, but you still have the ability to hold off at this point.  When you get to this point, you can stop stimulating the penis directly for a few seconds or a couple of minutes and then return to stimulating.  If you do this repeatedly, you should be able to draw out your experience, though it may take some practice.

Another trick which you can use while you’re in bed is the “squeeze” approach.  If you squeeze the shaft of the penis just above the head, you can force blood out of the penis, which in turn will prevent you from ejaculating.  Either you or your partner can do this.  You only need to squeeze briefly, and then you can return to your activity.  While this is a simple practice in theory, many people have trouble learning how to do it properly on their own.  If you see a doctor about premature ejaculation, you can ask for specific instruction.  Most people need to be taught how to do it.  This is a very effective trick to use.

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While you’re having sex, another trick you can do is change the way you’re having sex.  If you usually are on top or if you tend to do it doggie style, try going underneath for a change and letting your partner on top.  With this position there is less pressure on the head of the penis, which usually means that you can last longer.  You also may want to spend more time on foreplay and save intercourse for later—most women take longer to have an orgasm than men, but they also don’t necessarily expect the entire sexual encounter to take the form of intercourse.  If you can last longer during foreplay, that may be sufficient to solve your problem and help you to synch your timing up with your partner’s.

Tricks to Use in General

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While the methods discussed above pertain to when you’re actually having sex, there are also adjustments you can make to your overall life which may improve your sexual performance.  One great trick is to do Kegel exercises which work out the muscles involved in ejaculation.  This is a way you can gain control over your ejaculation time.  The exercises are quite easy and you can integrate them into your current schedule without effort since you don’t need to do them along with your other workouts.  You can do Kegel exercises while you’re doing other things and no one will notice since all you’re doing is tensing up and releasing a muscle inside your body.  You can perform these exercises while you’re watching TV, working, reading a book, or doing whatever else.

Another trick you can use to learn how to last longer in bed is to masturbate.  Masturbation is a perfect time to practice the tricks you’ve been learning.  Sometimes it can be hard to overcome premature ejaculation while you’re having sex, even using these tricks, because you’re under a lot of pressure to perform and you may still feel embarrassed.  If however you practice what you’ve learned while you’re masturbating, you can approach sex with greater confidence.

While masturbating you can practice the squeeze technique as well as the start-and-stop method.  Changing the way you think about sex can start here as well.  Instead of masturbating thinking about having an orgasm, or trying to cum as quickly as possible, think about foreplay for a change, or maybe think about the different sexual positions or techniques you’d like to try.  You’ll find that this is a great way to change how you approach sex altogether, and that the changes you make in your own mind while you’re masturbating can assist you while you’re actually having sex.  While you’re masturbating, try to aim for longer and longer time periods.  If you can learn how to last longer when you’re by yourself, you’ll have a lot more luck with it when you’re with your partner.

Premature ejaculation is an issue which is a source of anxiety for many men, but the fact is that it’s not a big deal.  While pharmaceutical companies may try to tell you that there is something very wrong with you and that you need a pill of some kind to cure it, the reality is that you’re a man—and that means that you can’t last as long in bed as most women without training yourself to do it and using some tricks to delay your orgasm.  That’s not a problem; the only problem is when you don’t do anything about it and you think of yourself as inadequate.  When you start to practice these tricks, you’ll discover that you can last longer than you probably thought was possible.  This will help you to build up the confidence which you need in the bedroom to have fun, fulfilling and lengthier sexual encounters.

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