Natural Ways To Last Longer In Bed

While researching ways to combat premature ejaculation, you probably have found a lot of suggestions for medications you can take to last longer in bed, but premature ejaculation pills certainly aren’t the only ways to delay orgasm.  There are numerous natural ways to last longer in bed which are healthy and safe, and won’t give you adverse side effects like PE pills might.

Why Go Natural?

natural ways to last longer in bedThere are many reasons to consider a natural solution instead of one which is packaged in a pill.  Medications for premature ejaculation do have a lot of effectiveness associated with them, but they still have negative side effects associated with them as well.  Some of these include nausea, headache, irritability, fatigue, mood swings, and rash.  Why compromise your physical and mental health for better sex?  It’s not like those side effects are going to help you to overcome your anxiety and last longer in bed, and the long-term side effects may not even be known since many PE pills have only recently hit the market and don’t have extensive testing behind them yet.

Natural techniques are also more affordable.  Premature ejaculation medications need to be re-upped every time you run out, which could be quite often.  This makes them a perpetual drain on your money, whereas natural techniques are free.  You might pay for an ebook or other advice at some point, but that’s a one-time cost, and the knowledge will serve you for the rest of your life.  Plus, you might get along fine without spending a dime.

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Another reason to go natural with your premature ejaculation solution is that natural solutions can be more rewarding.  Premature ejaculation is often cyclical.  A man who has difficulty lasting long enough in bed may learn to experience anxiety, which he then associates with future sexual encounters, resulting in recurrences.  This builds up more anxiety and continuously wears down on confidence.  A pill may help to combat some of this anxiety and restore some confidence, but there’s nothing that compares to the confidence you build by solving a problem yourself, and knowing that you can rely on yourself for sexual performance.  There are also additional benefits to your sex life which can come from employing many of these solutions.

Natural Techniques to Try

Kegel exercises should always be mentioned on top of this list.  We go into these exercises in-depth in other articles on our site.  Kegel exercises let you work out the muscles involved in ejaculation, which builds power and control.  Not only will these exercises help you to last longer in bed, but they also can help you to get harder erections and more intense orgasms.  They provide you with something concrete and straightforward you can do to improve your performance.  Since many other natural techniques are more cognitive in nature, the concreteness of Kegel exercises can be reassuring to many men.  By doing these exercises you’ll be making a real, physiological difference.  Many men experience improvement from doing these exercises in a matter of weeks.

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Another technique to try is something you probably do anyway, which is masturbating.  Masturbation by itself isn’t going to improve your sexual performance, but depending on your approach, you may be able to use it to learn how to delay orgasm and last longer in bed.  What do you typically think about when you masturbate?  Probably having an orgasm—or getting there, right?  Many men (and women) learn to masturbate in a hurry; most of our earliest experiences of masturbation were of doing so in our adolescence after all, and it’s not like that was a time of privacy for most of us.  So odds are you’ve learned to associate haste with sexuality, perhaps altogether.  If you can unlearn that way of thinking, then you should be able to last longer in bed naturally.  You can start by learning how to take your time while masturbating.  Instead of trying to have your orgasm as quickly as you can, remind yourself that there’s no rush.  Masturbating is fun, after all, and you’re not under any pressure.  See how long you can last while masturbating, and work on drawing that time out.  After a few weeks of practice you should start doing a lot better.

A lot of the techniques you can use while masturbating to last longer can also be used during sex.  For example, the most intuitive way to draw out your masturbation is to stop and start whenever you feel like you are getting close.  This works very well for many men and you can also use that same natural method while you are having sex.  It doesn’t mean you have to stop everything you’re doing, or even stop thinking about sex—stopping direct stimulation alone for a couple of minutes can be all you need to do.

A similar method is the “squeeze” method, where you squeeze the shaft of the penis above the head for a few seconds to force blood out of the penis.  This can disrupt ejaculation before it begins.  Your partner can also do this for you while you’re having sex.  You can practice while masturbating until you get it right.  While it sounds easy, it can be difficult to figure out the right technique at first.  You can ask a doctor for assistance if you can’t figure it out on your own.

Meditation is another natural method of improving sexual performance.  While premature ejaculation may occasionally have a basis in physiology, the vast majority of cases are psychological only.  Simply by changing the way you think about sex, your relationship and your sex, you can have a big impact on your situation.  Many men think of sex in a very rushed way, which is partly the result of genetic background and partly the result of rushed experiences in the past—but if your retrain your mind to think about sex in a different way you should be able to start lasting longer in bed naturally.

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